medical files podręcznik co to znaczy
Co znaczy Podręcznik do nauki j. angielskiego dla?. Co to jest in medicine. This book aims to help.

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Medical files. Podręcznik do nauki j. angielskiego dla studentów Akademii Medycznych

Definicja z ang. Medical files. Textbook j. English for students of the Academy of Medical, z niem. Medical-Dateien. Lehrbuch j. Englisch für Studierende der Akademie der Medizinischen.

Autor (autorzy):
Szczegóły wydania: Czelej, Lublin 2001, wyd. 1, Oprawa: miękka foliowana,143 str., Wymiary: 165*240 mm , Waga: 0.27 kg
Zagadnienia: medical files podręcznik
ISBN: ISBN 83-88063-52-9
Opis: If you are interested in the world, you must be interested in medicine. This book aims to help you develop that interest or to revive it. Along with this, it will guide you again, perhaps, through the knowledge of the English language grammar and vocabulary, without which learning about medical matters would seem difficult. The book is composed of thematic readings; the tasks have their instructions (class work, pair work, individual work) but with some of them, the teacher is at liberty to organise work as he / she wishes. The book does not include a key to the tasks and cannot be treated as a compendium of medical knowledge or the English grammar. The material included, especially in the latter sections, is aimed at making students discuss the subjects vividly. I do hope that they will find a lot of vocabulary and useful reference material for that. Finally, I believe that the publication will widen learners' horizons and will help them become efficient English users.
Spis treści:
  • 1. The human race
  • 2. Human anatomy
  • 3. History of medicine - amazing discoveries
  • 4. Highlights from the history of pharmacy
  • 5. Famous illnesses, notable patients
  • 6. At the doctor's
  • 7. At the chemist's
  • 8. Scourges of the past and present
  • 9. Medicinal plants
  • 10. Medical cults and quackery
  • 11. At the dentist's
  • 12. Atoms, elements, compounds
  • 13. Alternative paths
  • 14. Medical insanity
  • 15. Attention: drug piracy!
  • 16. Inhuman hours
  • 17. Surgical magic of transplants
  • 18. Veggies
  • 19. Death wish
  • 20. Medical skeptics
  • 21. Appendix - Facts about the human body

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