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Parasitology for medical students

Definicja z ang. Parasitology for medical students, z niem. Parasitologie für Medizinstudenten.

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Szczegóły wydania: FnRRRKDN, Lublin 2007, wyd. 2, Oprawa: miękka foliowana,324 str., Wymiary: 200 x 260 mm , Waga: 0.83 kg
Zagadnienia: parasitology medical students
ISBN: ISBN 978-83-60497-80-7
Opis: Parasite diseases constitute one of the most serious health problems in the whole world. They are connected with wide distribution of parasites in different regions, various ways of their transmission to hosts, avoiding aby parasites host immune response, parasites adaptations to their microhabitats, and still little knowledge about laboratory and clinical diagnosis of parasitic diseases. Therefore, more than ever, there is the necessity of greater understanding of the interactions between parasites and their hosts, pathogenesis and clinical manifestations of parasite diseases, influence of human behavior on the distribution of parasites as well as morphology and biology of parasites. This book is meant to be a practical handbook for students of medical university, premedical students, and students in international health and other branches of public health. It includes crucial information used in medical parasitology and a number of exercises for better understanding of parasitological problems. During our course of parasitology, special emphasis is placed on the geographic distribution of human parasites, morphology and life cycle of parasites, clinical features and pathogenesis of parasitic diseases and the most reliable technique for diagnosing parasites. The authors hope that the content of this text will stimulate all students to learn practical parasitology and to read supplementary books. We welcome any suggestions or comments for a possible improvement of the next edition of the parasitology book.
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  • 1. Parasitism 2. Protozoa 3. The platyhelminthes 4. The nematodes 5. The arthropods 6. Diagnostics of parasitic diseases 7. Treatment of parasitic infections

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