rapid interpretation dale co to znaczy
Co znaczy interpretation of EKG's. Dale Dubin?. Co to jest EKGs is the most popular and most.

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Rapid interpretation of EKG's. Dale Dubin

Definicja z ang. Rapid interpretation of EKG's. Dale Dubin, z niem. Rapid Interpretation der EKG ist. Dale Dubin.

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Szczegóły wydania: , Oprawa: miękka foliowana,368 str., Wymiary: 175 x 250 mm , Waga: 1.07 kgJęzyk: english
Zagadnienia: rapid interpretation dale
ISBN: ISBN 0-912912-06-5
Opis: YES! You do have the right book. RAPIDINTERPRETATION OF EKGs is the most popular and most referenced of all EKG (ECG) texts. For over thirty (30!) years it has remained the worlds best seller (printed in 28 languages). Now it is the most current text of its kind, since it is updated yearly. Extensively illustrated in vivid color, the simplified, interactive format assures rapid comprehension. An entire chapter is easily consumed and mastered in a brief sitting. In the process of learning EKG interpretation, the reader gains a deeper understanding of cardiac physiology. Emphasis is on UNDERSTANDING rather than memorizing, so readers quickly acquire a lifetime of practical knowledge. But beware... success spawns imitations. Numerous imitators have switched the title words, used synonyms for RAPID and INTERPRETATION, and even substituted ECGs for EKGs. Dont be deceived aby the numerous imitations with enticing titles. There is only one... RAPID INTERPRETATION OF EKGs. There are books that you buy for a course... ...this is the book that you keep for life.
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  • 1. Basic Principles 2. Recording the EKG 3. Autonomic Nervous Mechanizm 4. Rate 5. Rhythm, Part I:: Arrhythmias of Focal Origin 6. Rhythm, Part II:: Blocks 7. Axis 8. Hypertrophy 9. Infarction (includes Hemiblock) 10. Miscellaneous
  • Cardiac Monitor Displays
  • Personal Quick Reference Sheets (P QRS)
  • EKG Tracings
  • Index

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