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Co znaczy Anatomy vol. 2 - Neck and Internal?. Co to jest Atlas of Anatomy series, presents a.

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PROMETHEUS Atlas of Anatomy vol. 2 - Neck and Internal Organs (Eng.)

Definicja z ang. PROMETHEUS Atlas of Anatomy vol. 2 - Neck and Internal Organs (Eng.), z niem. PROMETHEUS Atlas der Anatomie Vol. 2 - Neck und der inneren Organe (Eng.).

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Szczegóły wydania: Thieme, Stuttgart 2007, wyd. 1, Oprawa: miękka foliowana,372 str., Wymiary: 230 x 310 mm , Waga: 1.79 kg
Zagadnienia: prometheus atlas anatomy
Opis: Neck and Internal Organs, the second book in the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy series, presents a stunning visual guide to the anatomy of the neck and internal organs. Neck and Internal Organs integrates clinical information into a beautifully illustrated exposition of anatomy. Each chapter of the book presents anatomical information step-aby-step, layer--aby-layer, moving from spaces, to organs, to blood vessels, the lymphatic mechanizm, and autonomous innervation, with unprecedented clarity. Clear schematics with easy-to-follow labeling highlight specific structures. Summary tables organize key information on the principles of function, dysfunction, and malformation. The atlas features a unique section on the neurovascular supply for each organ, detailing arteries, veins, lymph nodes, and innervation.
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