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Co znaczy Anatomy vol. 3 - Head and Neuroanatomy?. Co to jest of Anatomy series, combines concise.

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PROMETHEUS Atlas of Anatomy vol. 3 - Head and Neuroanatomy (Eng.)

Definicja z ang. PROMETHEUS Atlas of Anatomy vol. 3 - Head and Neuroanatomy (Eng.), z niem. PROMETHEUS Atlas der Anatomie Vol. 3 - Kopf und Neuroanatomie (Eng.).

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Szczegóły wydania: Thieme, Stuttgart 2007, wyd. 1, Oprawa: miękka foliowana,420 str., Wymiary: 230 x 310 mm , Waga: 2.00 kg
Zagadnienia: prometheus atlas anatomy
Opis: Head and Neuroanatomy, the third book in the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy series, combines concise explanatory text with stunning illustrations and key applications for the clinical setting. A stepwise organization guides the reader through the anatomy of the head, from cranial bones, ligaments, and joints to muscles, cranial nerves, topographical anatomy, and the anatomy of sensory organs. Comprehensive coverage of neuroanatomy describes isolated structures and also situates these structures within the larger functional systems.
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