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Co znaczy Cervitec. Czym jest id=prd_t1_1555805137&product=Cervitec+Plus Cervitec is a protective.

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Definicja Cervitec

Definicja z ang. Cervitec, z niem. Cervitec.

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Cervitec is a protective chlorhexidine-containing varnish suitable for targeted treatment of:
* Patients with hypersensitive cervicals
* Patients with high MS counts, e.g.:
- orthodontic patients
- patients with insufficient oral hygiene
- Xerostomia patients
- families (cross-contamination)
* Tight blocking of exposed dentin tubules
* Targeted treatment of particularly susceptible areas
* Longer availability of active substances
* Prevention of the unwelcome side effects associated with chlorhexidine
* High effectiveness at low concentrations:
1% chlorhexidine plus 1% thymol
Cervitec Plus
The antibacterial protective varnish containing chlorhexidine.
Cervitec Plus is THE protective varnish for ensuring the quality of restorative work and for professionally controlling bacteria in high-caries-risk patients.
The varnish contains the proven combination of chlorhexidine and thymol as the active ingredients. Cervitec Plus is used to protect exposed root surfaces and reduce bacterial activity on the teeth.
The protective varnish helps to reduce the caries risk and to prevent the inflammation of the gingiva or assist in its treatment.
* hypersensitive cervicals
* gingivitis
* high mutans streptococci counts, e.g. with:
- orthodontic patients
- inadequate oral hygiene
- xerostomia patients
- families (transmission)
The application is exceptionally easy. The clear varnish is applied exactly where it is needed. It is well-tolerated and looks natural.
Cervitec Plus works spot-on.
* sealing of exposed dentin tubules
* selective treatment of highly susceptible areas
* long-term availability of active ingredients
* highly effective low dose of 1% chlorhexidine plus 1% thymol
* prevention of the side effects commonly associated with chlorhexidine
Protective varnish of the next generation.
Cervitec Plus is based on its predecessor Cervitec, whose effectiveness has been well-documented for years.
The new varnish matrix of Cervitec Plus supplements proven features:
* improved adhesion
* heightened tolerance to moisture for easier application
* Single Dose and economical Multi Dose # something for everyone
(Picture right side, courtesy of: Gläser / Duffing)
The patient can enhance the effectiveness of the professionally applied Cervitec Plus. For this purpose, we recommend Cervitec Gel with 0.2% chlorhexidine and 900 ppm fluoride for at-home application.
Cervitec Plus and Cervitec Gel significantly contribute to keeping teeth, crown and bridge work and implants in good condition for a long time.

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