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Co znaczy MI Paste Plus. Czym jest content&task=view&id=341&Itemid=387 Bio-Available Calcium.

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Definicja MI Paste Plus

Definicja z ang. MI Paste Plus, z niem. MI Paste Plus.

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Bio-Available Calcium, Phosphate And Fluoride
Water based, sugar free dental topical crème containing RecaldentTM CPP-ACP (Casein Phosphopeptide - Amorphous Calcium Phosphate) and fluoride.
All the benefits of GC Tooth Mousse, with 900ppm of a unique, patented form of fluoride in a product designed for high-risk patients.
For patients who suffer from aggressive caries and loss of tooth structure, from dental erosion and accelerated tooth wear following head and neck radiotherapy
For pregnant women
During and/or after orthodontics
For patients with an acidic oral environment and gastric reflux
For patients with poor plaque control and high caries risk
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